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How to stop hair fall? / Ayurvedic and home remedies to stop hair fall

Friends, there is hardly any person who does not wish for thick, strong and healthy hair. Although boys and girls are all conscious about their hair, but females are very aware of their hair. Hair affects our outer appearance to a great extent. Due to premature graying or loss of hair, a person looks older than his real age and his confidence can also be affected.

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There are about 1 lakh hairs on our scalp and it is considered normal to break 50-100 hairs daily but if the number is more than this then it is a matter of concern. Similarly, graying of hair is also a natural phenomenon, with age, some hair becomes gray, but nowadays it is seen that children going to school and young people also have gray hair, and This is also a matter of concern. Today in this article we will talk about the causes of hair loss and ways to get rid of it.

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So let us first know the causes of these hair problems: 

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        Cause of Hair Loss -

  • Wrong diet

  • Malnutrition

  • Pollution

  • Lack of proper hair care

  • Food adulteration

  • Cigarette smoking or other intoxicants

  • Take tension or stress

  • Scalp infection

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Due to side effects of certain medicines

  • Certain medical conditions such as thyroid, iron-deficiency anemia, chronic diseases, etc.

  • Genetic or Genetic Factors

  • Hair problems can also occur in pregnancy or during cancer treatment, but it is a common thing.

Hair can also get damaged if there is less blood to nourish the hair, or if the body's blood is contaminated. Even if the hair pores are obstructed, the nutrition of the hair stops. Serious hair problems can also arise if the contaminated water gets mixed (operated) in the hair roots due to being more mentally indifferent or due to chronic cold.

Just as the body should be kept healthy by regular exercise, similarly the hair should be kept healthy by invaluable Ayurvedic medicinal remedies. Oil should be massaged in the hair from time to time, and nutritious food should be taken in the food, green vegetables and seasonal fruits should be consumed. You can use amla, coconut, almond, etc. oils for oil massage.

      Ayurvedic Ways and Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss


  • 1. Massage Oil

  • Oil massage is a very simple and effective way to keep hair healthy. Massaging improves blood flow to the hair follicles, conditions the scalp and strengthens the roots.

  • You can use almond oil, olive oil, coconut, castor oil, amla oil, argan oil, or wheat germ oil for massage. The correct method of massage is to massage with light pressure with your fingertips.

  • Oil massage should be done at least once a week.

  • 2. Use of Gooseberry for Stopping Unnecessary Hair Loss

  • Consumption of gooseberry is very useful for hair. Vitamin C is abundant in gooseberry, its deficiency can cause hair loss.

  • Method:

  • Make a decoction of Aretha, Amla and Shikakai in equal quantities and wash the head with that decoction, even if the hair becomes thick, long and soft silky.

  • By taking equal quantity of mango kernels and amla, grinding them and applying them on the head strengthens the hair roots.

  • Dandruff is removed by grinding the fruits of amla and mixing it with lemon juice.

  • Mix a spoonful of lemon with ground gooseberry and massage it well on the scalp with that mixture. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it overnight and shampoo in the morning. By doing this, along with removing dandruff, the hair becomes beautiful and hair fall also stops.

  • 3. Use of Fenugreek for Preventing Hair Loss

  • Fenugreek is considered very effective in preventing hair fall. Fenugreek seeds contain hormone antecedents that help in hair growth and rebuild hair follicles.

  • Method:

  • Soak a cup of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Grind them in the morning and prepare a paste. Apply the paste on the scalp and leave it for 40 minutes. After the time is over, wash the head thoroughly with water. Repeat this process for 1 month.

  • Doing this will not only reduce hair fall but you will also get to see new hair growth.

  • To remove the problem of dry hair, and dandruff hair, grind fenugreek seeds in pure sweet water and apply it on the roots of the hair at night (before sleeping).

  • 4. Using Onions
    Onion has antibacterial properties that cure any kind of infection in the scalp, which reduces hair loss.

  • Sulfur is also found in very high amounts in onions, which is helpful in correcting blood circulation in the hair follicles. It also contains protein and nictonic acid which helps in hair growth.

  • It has been seen in some studies that people who apply onion juice on their scalp, their hair grows faster again.

  • Method:

  • Take out a little onion juice in a bowl and apply it directly on your scalp.

  • Wash it off after 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair.

  • In addition, you can also:

  • Mix two spoons of aloe vera gel with three spoons of onion juice, if you want, add one spoon of olive oil to it. Leave this mixture on the scalp for 30 minutes and then shampoo.

  • Do either of the above two methods two to three times a week for one-and-a-half months. These methods will greatly help in the growth of your hair.

  • Mixing rock salt with onion juice and ginger juice and applying it on the bald head increases the possibility of hair growth. Ginger juice also drives away hair diseases.

  • Mixing a spoonful of onion juice in a glass of water and washing the hair with that water makes the hair healthy. If you want to remove the baldness of the head, then by applying the juice of onion there, the hair grows. Applying honey and onion juice on the roots of the hair stops hair fall.

  • 5. Use of Aloe Vera for Good Hair Growth

  • Some enzymes are found in Aloe vera which help in hair growth. In addition, Isku alkaline properties maintain the pH level of the scalp, which is helpful in hair growth.

  • The use of Aloe Vera gel or juice removes the problem of itching, redness and irritation in the scalp, reduces dandruff and increases the strength and shine of the hair.

  • Method:

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel or juice on the scalp and leave it for a few hours and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this 3 to 4 times a week.

  • You can also drink a spoonful of Aloe Vera juice daily for better hair growth.

  • 6. Uses of Licorice Root

  • The root of liquorice is one such herb which is very beneficial for hair. Hair loss problem can be controlled by its consumption.

  • The root of liquorice has such properties that it opens the pores present on the scalp, and heals the dry and dry surface.

  • Dandruff, baldness and hair fall can be prevented by its use.

  • Method:

  • Mix a spoonful of liquorice root in a cup of milk and add a little saffron to it and mix it well.

  • Wherever there is baldness, apply this paste at night before sleeping. Wash it off in the morning.

  • You can do this process once or twice a week.

  • The root of liquorice can also be consumed in the form of tea made from it, it is also beneficial for hair.

  • To make the hair thick and long, make a decoction of liquorice and wash the hair with it.

  • Mixing sesame and liquorice in condensed milk of buffalo, grinding them should be applied on the hair, by this hair fall stops.

  • 7. Using Gudhal

  • Gudhal flower has many such properties which are good for hair.


         Other Ayurvedic Ways and Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss



  • Take twenty grams of sesame flowers and ocher and grind them. And then after taking a spoonful of them, mixing it with water, rubbing this paste on the scalp ends baldness.

  • If any kind of disease has occurred in the hair, then black antimony should be rubbed in the roots of the hair and massaged. This makes the hair healthy.

  • Applying a paste of turmeric and butter on the hair makes the hair soft and strong.

  • Take equal quantity of goat's sugarcane and mustard seeds (take as much as ten grams) and grind them, and apply on the head. Hair diseases are cured by this use. And the hair becomes dark thick.

  • If the juice of Kateri mixed with honey is applied on the bald head, then the hair grows there in a few days.

  • Grind the root of the cymbal and mix it with butter and apply it on the hair roots, the diseases of the hair are destroyed. And the hair becomes beautiful.

  • The problem of hair fall is removed by drinking the juice of wheat plant every day. Taking out the juice of fresh green leaves of wheat and applying them to the roots of the hair stops hair fall.

  • Mixing the pulp of ripe banana with lemon juice and applying it on the head ends baldness.

  • The hair of a person who eats garlic daily becomes strong and beautiful.

  • Grinding green coriander and filtering its juice, applying it on the head ends the baldness of the head.

  • Mixing a little salt in a cup of curd and applying that curd in the hair (in the roots and in the hair) ends the problem of dandruff.

  • Squeezing lemon in curd and applying curd in the hair makes the hair soft and thick black.

  • Applying coconut oil and lemon juice mixed in the roots of the hair before sleeping at night makes the hair strong and healthy.

  • To strengthen the roots of the hair, grind the vine and mix it with sesame oil and apply it on the head, it ends baldness of the head.

  • Boil the leaves of barre and neem in hot water and wash the head with that water, and then apply neem oil to the hair roots on the head. By doing this hair fall stops.

  • By making a decoction of bitter neem leaves, washing the head with that decoction and then applying neem oil on the head does not cause lice and dandruff. Neem seeds can also be grinded and applied to the roots of the hair on the head.

  • To overcome the problem of boils that have emerged on the skin of the head, and to remove the problem of pimple, grinding poppy seeds in milk and applying their paste on the head ends this problem.

  • Applying a decoction of amarbel in the hair every day keeps the hair color black. (Note- After applying the decoction to the hair, the head should be washed after thirty minutes to one hour.).

  • Mixing one spoon of black pepper, one spoon of ground salt and five spoons of coconut oil and applying it on the scalp ends baldness, and black hair grows there.

  • Grind pomegranate leaves with pure water and apply that paste on the head, it ends baldness of the head.

  • Mix ten grams of camphor, twenty grams of honey and mix it in fifty milliliters of lightly boiled water. And then wash the head with the same lukewarm water. With this use, the hair will become black, thick and soft. (Note- Remember that the water should not be too hot while washing the head, otherwise it can harm the eyes and brain along with the hair).

  • Dry the horse dung in a shaded place. After that burn it in sesame oil. After knowing the water and mixing it properly, massage the head with this oil. By doing this the hair becomes long and strong.

  • Boil urad dal and grind it, and fill it in the head while sleeping at night. With this use, hair fall will stop in a few days and hair will grow again on the bald head.

  • Mixing barley ash in mustard oil and massaging the head with that paste also cures hair diseases. (Burn the leech first).

  • Massaging the scalp with lemon juice before taking a bath, and then washing the head with sweet water stops hair growth and remains black.

  • Precautions in hair protection

  • Cut the two-faced hair and fix it.

  • Do not walk open head in the sun for a long time.

  • Do not break the white hair by pulling it.

  • Use less hair colour, hair dryer, and scented shampoo.

  • Do not comb the hair excessively.

  • Do not keep hair dry for a long time (apply oil).

  • Do not leave the hair wet for a long time after washing.

  • Do not ignore itching, dandruff, lice, pimples, boils and any other type of scalp or hair problem.