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Swachh Abhiyan Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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India was once a developed and economically prosperous country. But many powers ruled it and took full advantage of the gold-spewing country India and exploited the Indians. India is famous all over the world for its diversity and its unique culture. But with the passage of time, our country has not been able to pay much attention in the matter of cleanliness. Not much attention was being paid to the condition and cleanliness of our country. Every day we see the filth in our neighborhood, street and locality and feel the filth everyday.


Dirt, garbage is mainly responsible for harming the progress of the country. Due to which most of the tourists shy away from coming to the country.


Today, emphasis has been laid on building toilets in the village. Toilets have been built in many villages.

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The government has started many such campaigns where awareness should be spread about building toilets in the village. Thinking in the open can lead to many diseases. For this many rivers are also getting polluted. Still some people in the village are seen every day violating the instructions of the government. If there is cleanliness in your neighborhood, state and country, then only our society will be happy and disease free. There are toilets in big and huge cities but most of them are not always clean. It is the irony of our society that even after knowing everything, they are found unable to make cleanliness.

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To keep the country clean, the country decided to start the campaign of Swachh Abhiyan. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is going on since 1999 and before that its nomination was kept according to rural cleanliness campaign. But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made some changes in this project and named this scheme as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was approved by the Union Cabinet on September 2014. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Gandhi Jayanti in 2014.

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Mahatma Gandhi, who is the father of our nation, had a dream that our country should be healthy and cleanliness is the most important thing to stay healthy. Therefore, keeping this in mind, Narendra Modi inaugurated this cleanliness drive on the morning of Gandhi Jayanti. This is the biggest campaign related to cleanliness. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had started this campaign from Rajghat in Delhi.

Narendra Modi had sweep the streets in Valmiki Basti of Delhi to spread awareness among the people on the importance of cleanliness. The goal of this campaign is to remove the filth from the entire country, but for this only the government alone cannot work. We all need to join this campaign together.

This campaign has many goals in which people do not think outside. We will have to start from a street, under this campaign, 11 crore 11 lakh private and public toilets will be constructed, which will cost more than 1 crore. There is a need to spread vigilance on a large scale among the people and they need to understand this serious campaign.

There is a need to spread awareness among the people that they must use the toilet regularly. According to this campaign, we should try our best to keep the roads of the village and the city clean every moment. Every street must have a dustbin or garbage can.


It is necessary for the countrymen to follow the Swachh Abhiyan for the betterment of the social, physical and region in India. There are many such places and narrow streets in the country where filth is always found as garbage is scattered in the open and the drain water gets frozen. If this whole place is not cleaned on time, then the risk of spreading the disease increases by 100 percent. People deliberately dump garbage in the flowing rivers. In our country, a lot of people throw garbage, due to which the tourists coming from abroad have to face inconvenience. Due to lack of cleanliness, the number of soil pollution and water pollution is increasing.

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Due to garbage, animals and animals also get a lot of diseases. Because when they see a piece of food as garbage, they go among the dirty garbage and look for food. Therefore, there is a need for the citizens of the country to throw the garbage in the right place so that the municipal buses can take it. Apart from this, the recycling of municipal waste i.e. recycle and again using it properly and safely comes under the cleanliness campaign. There is a need to make people aware about planting trees lying in the country. There is a need to make more and more aware about this campaign in rural areas.

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The countrymen do not give much importance to cleanliness. Many people in our country are illiterate and they do not have any special knowledge about pollution and cleanliness. They do not have any specific idea of ​​the damage caused and caused by it. Some educated people will also be seen throwing garbage at you with their big car. They think that throwing so much of our garbage will not make any difference to the country. But this thinking is wrong. Often people in the village go to the railroad track to think and make it dirty. People in the village make it dirty by using water from ponds and small rivers for daily work ranging from bathing and washing clothes outside. It is very important here that we bring a change in this mindset of the people.

There is a great lack of public toilets in India. Due to non-construction of toilets in every corner of the city and village, people defecate in wrong places, due to which the public place becomes dirty. people on this topic